My life has taken me through ups and downs, highs and lows, here and there, and at times even round and round in circles. No matter where life takes me, I somehow manage my way back to where home is. For me, home is California and nowhere else.

I was born in San Francisco and soon after my birth, my birth father passed away in a car accident on the Golden Gate Bridge. I can barely remember him when he as alive, but he manages to stay in my heart and soul no matter what. Maybe, that is why I feel such deep connection to San Francisco and California. My mom often talks about him fondly and tells me that my dad loved me dearly and took very good care of her when she was pregnant with me. My favorite “dad” story is from the day when I was born. My mom says that he stayed so strong and brave for her during the delivery and then as soon as I entered the world, she started weeping that turned him a brawl of crying with joy. The doctor and the nurses looked at him amazed at how happy he was that I was born. Mom says, he never left my side for the first few weeks and took such great care of me.

Although he passed away before I could build any real mental memories, I somehow feel the strongest of bonds with him. Maybe, it is because he stayed so connected to me for such a long time after I was born. Remember how my mom said that he never left my side. It was as if he was on a maternity leave and not mom.

As I grew up, I would visit dad’s favorite places in the city from mom’s stories and I would feel as if I am spending time with him. On all of his birthdays and special days, mom and I would go to his favorite restaurants and food joints. I grew up on mission burritos as I knew it was his absolute favorite. The first time I tried them, they became my absolute favorite as well. Every place I went where dad used to be a “regular”, people would come up to me and talk to me and make me feel comfortable, so dad stayed alive for me via them and their stories as well. It was almost like, wherever I went, dad was with me in some way or the other, and I feel blessed for that. I never felt like I was growing up without a dad.

My mom married an Army guy when I was 11 and so, it meant that we had to pick up and move time and again. I love my family but hated moving around so much. After moving out of California for a few months, I started praying hard for a move back to California. It was as if I made a pact with God. I made a deal with him in my heart that if he somehow manages to keep in California or bring me back to California as soon as possible, then I would be a “good girl.” That is how much I loved it here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world and it feeling like I’m home. But, being in California, there is an instant feeling of peace and content. Because of my promise to God, I have done a lot of good in life and intend to do so.

God has also kept His promise so far! I recently just scored a superb job at an animation agency doing what I love, in the city I love the most, San Francisco. I have had a passion for animation since a very young age. When I was a teenager I used to make sure that I spend my summers in computer camps learning different animation programs and other skills required for a career in animation. I also went to college for it and have had tremendous luck in my career so far after reeling in an internship with Pixar a few years back.

I will be living in Pleasanton, a suburb of San Francisco with my boyfriend Chris, who is giving up a life of a car salesman to be with me. The last year, I spent moving around with him because of his job and now, he has decided to move because of my dream job. He is one of the most outgoing people I have ever met and has supernatural charm and people skills. If there was an award given for the World’s Best Salesman, it would most definitely come home to us as no one other than Chris has a chance of winning it.

Chris and I met in Las Vegas while I was there for a conference for work. He used to work at used cars Las Vegas Dealership at that time and was getting transferred to another dealership by the same company a few weeks later. We met while he was celebrating his promotion with his friends. It was love at first sight when we saw each other. We spent hours hanging out that night, and into the wee hours of the morning. The next couple of days while I was in Vegas, we kept seeing each other every chance I got and then kept in touch via phone once I left. Soon we both realized that we are falling for each other.

Now listen to this. Remember how Chris had to move from Vegas? Do you know where God moved him? To the same town my mom had insisted I move for the last year as her and my step dad were living there now. So Chris and I made out move to Phoenix where I found a job at a small animation studio taking a huge pay cut. But what is a huge pay cut when it comes to love right? Chris of course was in love with what he was doing and he was doing very well at the Scottsdale Volkswagen dealership. He bumped up the sales every passing day and soon because the dealership’s “Chris Da-Man.”

Okay back to present day now… So like I said, as of now Chris and I will be living in Pleasanton since we have a house there we can rent. One of my step father’s brother, who used to work in the temperature calibration department of a nearby company has retired and moved to the East Coast. We will stay put here at the rented house until we can find a place in the city, preferably downtown. This is working well since at the moment Chris is out of a job and the rent here is family discounted! So, now next on the plate is doing well at my job, Chris looking for a Job he likes (I’m sure he will find a dealership that will instantly grab him), and the both of us together looking for a place we love to live in.

One thing I desperately believe in is the whole “save the planet”, “go green” concept. I recently formed a committee that raises money for the environment. Our last project consisted of raising money to buy compactors to ensure recycling on trash as much as possible. We first raised money to buy the trash compactors, and then we went around the different neighbourhoods trying to convince them to let us install the compactors so that they are there for them to recycle their trash when possible. It was surprisingly pleasant how easily people agreed for use to do that, as well as helped us in our mission. It is a great feeling to know that the world might just be saved a little, one compactor at a time, for the generations after us.

I am a firm believer in Karma and what goes around, always comes around. Let’s see what life has planned for me from this point onwards. I will keep you posted!